Allied Building Services

Welcome to the home of Allied Building Services!

Allied Building Services has been providing janitorial and maintenance services for commercial offices in the CSRA since 1984.

Our services include:

maintenance repairs, office cleaning, window cleaning, floor strip and wax, floor buffing, housekeeping, carpet shampooing and cleaning. We clean about 100 offices in the area. The office sizes range from 500 sq.ft. to over 200,000 sq.ft. Some locations are cleaned five days a week while others only use our services once a week. Our pricing is adjusted accordingly.

Communications/Management Structure:

If you use our services, you will deal with our management team rather than the cleaning crews. If a problem occurs, they are available 24/7 and it is their job to stay on the problem until it is resolved. Using this structure gives you the benefit of supervisory oversight such as routine inspections to keep the cleaning at a satisfactory level.

Additionally, the management team can decide objectively what corrections may be needed. Like most businesses, communication is the key to success. Both our communication with you to understand your needs and communication with our crews to see that those needs are met are extremely important.

We have about 20 established crews in the area. Once we establish a crew on an account we use the same crew from then on to help avoid the problems that occur with continual manpower turnover.

To Receive A Free Estimate:

Call our office at 803-648-9864 or 706-840-3130 and we’ll be glad to provide you with a free estimate of what our services would cost for your office or plant.